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Breast cancer awareness provides a wealth of information and guidance to help prevent breast cancer. At Lucina Women's Health and Midwifery, the expert medical team provides thorough information, screenings, and support to equip you with knowledge, testing, and treatment if needed. To schedule a consultation or evaluation, call the office nearest you in Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Parkland, Wellington, or Boynton Beach, Florida. Or, use the online scheduler for convenience.

Breast Cancer Awareness Q&A

What is breast cancer awareness?

Breast cancer awareness encompasses initiatives, campaigns, and educational efforts aimed at raising public consciousness about the following:

  • Breast cancer
  • Risk factors
  • Detection
  • Treatment options
  • Support resources

The goal is to empower you by helping you understand the importance of early detection, provide support if you’re affected by the disease, and promote research efforts toward finding a cure.


You can also be a part of breast cancer awareness by helping others learn about it and sharing the importance of having screenings at Lucina Women’s Health and Midwifery.

Why is breast cancer awareness so important?

Breast cancer awareness plays a vital role in impacting individuals and communities worldwide. 


Millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, making it the most common cancer among women globally. By raising awareness, you’re encouraged to have screenings for early detection, which significantly improves survival rates. 


Moreover, awareness campaigns reduce the stigma surrounding the disease, fostering a supportive environment if you’re undergoing treatment.

How can I check myself for breast cancer?

Self-examination is one of the most important actions you can take for breast cancer awareness. While it's not a substitute for regular mammograms or clinical exams, performing breast self-checks can help you become familiar with your breasts and detect any changes early. 


Here's a simple guide to self-examination:

Visual inspection

Stand in front of a mirror, and let your arms rest at your sides. Look for any changes in the size, shape, or contour of your breasts. Look for dimpling, puckering, or redness of the skin.

Manual examination

To manually examine yourself, first lie down, then put your right arm behind your head. Use the pads of your fingers on your left hand to palpate your right breast in a circular motion, starting from the outer edges and working toward the nipple. Do the same examination on your left breast using your right hand.

Nipple check

Gently squeeze each nipple to check for any discharge or changes in texture.

Armpit examination

Feel for any lumps or swelling in the armpit area, as breast tissue extends into this region.

To learn more about breast cancer awareness or to schedule a screening, book an appointment with the expert team at Lucina Women’s Health and Midwifery today. Call the friendly staff or use the online scheduling tool now.

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